Dr. Schisler is a member of the Crown Council, a prestigious alliance of leading-edge dentists from around the world. Members are committed to staying in good emotional and physical health, educating their teams and giving back to the community, both locally and globally.

Dentists must meet a minimum requirement in their continuing education. They need to know how to use the advanced dentist equipment and the new way to treat the new situation. This often means members must travel a few times each year.

Continuing education sessions are planned more than a year in advance. Courses include world-class presenters, most of whom hail from the United States. Since Americans are on the leading edge of technology, they have the latest techniques and delivery models to share. Dr. Schisler recently finished a residency in Toronto on the subject of dental implants. He also completed a mini-residency in esthetics at the University of Buffalo.

He believes strongly in the importance of continuing education; it keeps him fresh and informed and encourages a positive outlook. It can be fascinating to see the latest developments in the field and to meet some of the brightest minds in dentistry.

He also recently returned from a one-week seminar in Bermuda. There, he learned about a few new techniques that were just being released, a new bonding agent and other new products. Materials are changing, he says; everything is tested before it is released. Before any new material is approved and deemed safe for use, it has to be independently tested.