Patients expect the latest technology in many venues, including the dental office. Has your practice considered adopting more secure checkout and payment methods? Patients will appreciate your efforts, and they’ll feel more secure when making payments to your practice.

Implementing any of the five actionable ideas below will lead to your practice’s longevity and your credibility as a merchant.

Ingenico terminals—Since October 2015 it has been a legal, yet slow to enforce, necessity for all businesses, including dental practices, to have the equipment to accept card-present payments with an EMV chip. HIPAA/FIPA compliance encourages this level of protection on patient information, despite its cost, because the liability shift now comes with greater consequences for merchants. Financial security is now considered in all data breaches that compromise patient protection.

Much like EMV, virtual merchants offer real-time authorization alongside the option to digitize and email receipts and invoices.Like payment terminals, virtual merchants accept a majority of bank cards. They are web-based interfaces with access across popular operating systems and smartphones. Within its interface, this payment solution has the added benefit of acting as a secure, digital ledger. As a result, the virtual merchant can act as a customer credit vault to provide quick access to customers’ billing information and transaction history.

With the convenience of having your patients’ payments on file, it can be easily accessed and automated. Customer security is maintained through “tokenization,” which will supplement vulnerable information upon processing transactions. Instead of assigning a vulnerable credit card number to your patients, they will be assigned secure client IDs that can be accessed for payments within your individual merchant system.

Initial card information can be secured by Helcim Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing’s secure servers, which allows only these unique card/tokens to be processed to verify new transactions.

The adoption of these ideas will improve the patient experience through health care automation and will allow you to focus on what matters most—patient care and interaction. And the most important of making patient feel better is to use the best dentist equipment. These methods are sure to further secure the bond between you and your patients throughout every level of service.