An appointment with your dentist is not everyone’s favorite experience! But the reality is a lot less daunting when you consider that your dentist has a whole host of equipment to help him look after you and make your experience as pleasant as possible.

When a patient needs portable dental x rays unit for general checkups to help find decay and other common problems, a full series of dental x-rays may be ordered. This is usually called a full-mouth series, or FMX. A set of bitewing and periapical films will be taken to show the teeth at several angles. This can give the dentist an almost 3D picture of teeth and roots.

Sometimes a problem may not be immediately obvious so an x-ray will need to be taken to show a more detailed view of the teeth and bones surrounding the affected area. Without an x-ray, problems such as decay can easily be overlooked.

A dental air compressor pressurizes atmospheric air for use in procedures. Standard compressors are not suitable for this purpose because they may not meet health and safety standards. Dental firms can choose from an array of models designed for small, medium, and large practices with a variety of features. Like other equipment in the practice, a dental air compressor can be subject to inspection by health department officials to confirm it is safe for use with patients.

The sound and the vibrations caused by the drill on your teeth may cause an unusual sensation but this is nothing to worry about. The drill is used to remove any decay attached to the tooth before filling in the cavity, although sometimes it is simply for polishing and smoothing the tooth once operating is complete.